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NHTSA Recommends Seat Belts on School Buses

Something momentous happened today in the drive to see America’s children protected on their school buses with lap-shoulder belts. Speaking… Continue reading.

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No More Excuses

The time has come for lap-shoulder belts on school buses, but where do school districts start? Field trips, school activities, and sporting events take school buses from quiet neighborhood streets to busy highways and interstates with speeds of 55 mph or more. With more risks should come more protection.  

That’s why your district’s travel buses are the best place to begin with lap-shoulder belts.

Myths & Misinformation
Take Action

According to the American School Bus Council, more than 80% percent of parents said they want lap-shoulder belts on school buses, and NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind said seat belts absolutely make school buses safer. With demand for lap-shoulder belts at an all time high, it is time to act.

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