For more than 50 years, IMMI has been an industry leader in design, testing, and manufacturing of advanced safety systems. Founded in 1961, IMMI is headquartered in Westfield, Indiana, and operates six other facilities around the world.

At IMMI, Bringing Safety to People is more than a slogan—it’s our lifelong mission. We’re experts in safety, with products that touch millions of lives all over the globe. Our safety engineers are constantly innovating and testing new products, searching for ways to bring you home safely everyday. In fact, you’ve probably already trusted your child’s safety to us. We’re the leading manufacturer of child car seat components in the world.

Our products are put to the test at CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, a premiere independent crash testing facility that has tested more school bus seats, child car seats, and school buses than any one else.

As a subsidiary of IMMI, SafeGuard is focused on making school buses safer for kids. We believe every student deserves the added protection of wearing a seat belt on the school bus, and that belief fuels every intention, upgrade, and working relationship we have. Our products defy all the myths you’ve heard about seat belts on school buses—and we have the data to prove it.