At Safeguard, we believe that your kids always deserve to be as safe as possible—especially during transportation. That’s why we were the first company to introduce lap-shoulder seat belts on school buses more than a decade ago. We have the most knowledge and experience in the field. And over the years, our mission has always been to continually test and improve our products to stay on the cutting edge of school bus safety.

Our achievements include:

  • Solving the capacity issue on school buses with seat belts by inventing the SafeGuard FlexSeat. In other words, the same number of kids can ride the bus with lap-shoulder belts as can ride the bus without them.
  • Inventing SmartFrame: a technology that protects both belted and unbelted passengers.
  • Creating SafeGuard XChange and STAR products, which help school districts across the country transport students of nearly any shape, size, or special need.

SafeGuard seats are on more school buses than any other manufacturer’s seats. And there’s a good reason: trust. We believe every student deserves the added protection of wearing a seat belt on the school bus, and that belief fuels every intention, upgrade, and working relationship we have. Our products defy all the myths you’ve heard about seat belts on school buses—and we have the data to prove it.

Since the beginning, we’ve worked hard to create a safer school bus for your kids. Every day, we continue to make that happen.