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Calls for Seat Belts on School Buses Grow Louder

This morning, a report from Today Show national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen offered the strongest support yet from NHTSA president Mark Rosekind for seat belts on school buses. “Would safety belts make them safer?” Rosekind asked. “Absolutely.” Rosekind also promised NHTSA was working on new safety requirements to keep our kids safe in and around… Continue reading.

Good Morning America Takes a Closer Look at Seat Belts on School Buses

When ABC News investigated why lap-shoulder seat belts aren’t on school buses, they came to IMMI’s SafeGuard4Kids.  As the only organization currently doing any real research in this area, IMMI lent our testing, engineering and safety expertise to help out. For years, opponents have voiced outdated and untrue excuses that have kept this vital safety equipment off most… Continue reading.