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Seat Belts on Buses Do Not Slow Evacuations

For years, SafeGuard has heard excuse after excuse against using lap-shoulder belts on school buses, but there is one in particular we hear from parents. They fear a scenario where seat belts could slow or prevent their child from evacuating in a serious accident. The reality is that without seat belts on your child’s school bus,… Continue reading.

Dallas County Schools

As of June 2009, Dallas County Schools, which operates the fifth largest school bus fleet in the U.S., will have more than 100 buses equipped with belted seats, about half of them 19-passenger buses and the other half 77-passenger buses. A year earlier, the progressive Dallas County School Board made the decision to outfit all… Continue reading.

Buffalo Public Schools

With a new transportation contract effective in the fall of 2010, Buffalo Public Schools District has equipped its entire fleet of 630 buses with the SafeGuard Integrated Child Seats (ICS) and 20 percent of its fleet with the SafeGuard FlexSeat®. Through a phase-in schedule, by the 2014-2015 school year, all buses will be equipped with FlexSeat, offering lap-shoulder belt protection to all… Continue reading.

Beaumont Independent School District

Beaumont Independent School District made the decision to use belted seating on school transportation in June of 2006, following a motorcoach crash that killed two girls and seriously injured many other soccer team members traveling to a game that March. In the aftermath of the accident, parents formed West Brook Bus Crash Families (WBBCF) to… Continue reading.

Southwest Education Support Center

Southwest Education Support Center runs a fleet of 100 buses across 13 school districts, moving 7,000 kids per day and covering 350 square miles in southwestern California. The district has five buses equipped with FlexSeat and ten equipped with two-position SafeGuard seats. Director of Transportation Tony Mendes estimates 95 percent of drivers have been enthusiastic about the addition of lap-shoulder belts… Continue reading.