The fact is, school buses are one of the safest vehicles on the road, but seat belts can make them even safer. Your kids are currently protected on their bus by what is known as compartmentalization. It’s a big word for the simple idea of keeping your child between the seat back in front of them and the seat back behind them. Think of them like eggs in a carton.

Compartmentalization has actually kept many children from being seriously injured in crashes, but they are often still injured regardless. Even in a 30mph crash or a sudden stop, a student can be thrown face first into the seat in front of them, and that’s if they are actually sitting the way they are supposed to with their feet on the floor and facing forward. The video below shows you what we mean.

New studies are being done to take a closer look at concussions and spinal cord injuries that still occur with compartmentalization. These injuries likely would not have happened had the children been wearing lap-shoulder seat belts, just like the ones in your car.

The Academy of Pediatrics reports that 17,000 school bus-related injuries happen every year. That’s more than 94 injuries every school day. How many could have been prevented if the children had been wearing seat belts?