There are a number of ways you can reach out to your legislators to support equipping your district’s school buses with SafeGuard® lap-shoulder seat belts. For your state representatives or senators, you can often find their phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses on-line.

Email is any easy way to reach out, but many feel that writing a personal letter to your legislator can be the most effective way of getting their attention. If email works better for you, however, it is most effective when it is not a blanket email to all members, but a specific message to your representative or senator.

Some helpful tips for writing to your legislators:

  • Properly address your legislator as “The Honorable (Full Name).”
  •  Write a short, well-reasoned letter that is a page or less in length.
  • Be polite. Don’t be offensive or mention Election Day.
  • Briefly explain why installing seat belts on school buses matters to you. Personal stories or the likely effect of proposed legislation on your school district resonates with lawmakers.
  • Briefly describe the impact seat belts can have on children’s safety and behavior.
  • Ask your representative or senator for their support and refer them to for more information.
  • Be sure to include your contact information including your name, address, email, and phone number and ask them to respond to you on the issue.

If you have any other questions about contacting your legislator, drop us an email or call us at 317-867-8363. SafeGuard will be happy to help you any way we can.